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New! Improved formula for 2012!

M 12™ is not just another gun oil, it is a synthetic lubricant designed with shooters and their firearms in mind. A true synthetic, M 12 is 100% lubricant. There are no carriers to evaporate and leave residue on your gun. Its ability to change with it surrounding environment makes it an excellent choice whether you are a plinker, hunter or competitive shooter. Even if you only collect firearms its ability to prevent rust and corrosion are unsurpassed.

• Cleans
• Lubricates
• Prevents Rust
• Reduces Friction

Kellube stood up to the FBI/Springfield Armory HRT trials. Try to find another lube that can say that!

Carbon Dispersion System.

Removes carbon build-up and cuts fouling contaminates. Unlike oils, synthetics do not contribute to carbon build-up. This allows longer use between necessary cleaning. It also makes cleaning much easier.

Less Friction.
Synthetic chemistry provides a 100% increase in protection over conventional petroleum gun lubricants. Less drag on moving parts. Provides smoother trigger systems. Better over all lubrication.

Prevents Oxidation And Corrosion.
Displaces moisture and coats metal with a protective film to eliminate oxidation and corrosion.

Maintains Thermal Stability.
The active properties of Kellube Synthetic Gun Lubricant lowers the friction coefficient of gun actions for a smoother, even trigger pull. Does not thin out at high temperatures or thicken at low ones. The dynamic properties of M 12 prevent the weather or prolonged use from effecting your shooting. A synthetic base lubricant shows a 30% increase over petroleum base oils.

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