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1. 1911 Basic Use Package
Trigger job, Beavertail, Fixed Sights.
$ 300.00
2. IPSC "Limited" Entry Level Package
Trigger job using replacement parts, Beavertail, Fixed Sights, NM Barrel Bushing, Refinishing.
Bo-mar adjustable rear sight add 100.00
3. Revolver Carry Package
Port Barrel, Action Job, Bob hammer, Glass bead.
(Ruger GP-100, SP-101, S&W J, K, L & N frame revolvers only)
4. IPSC "Open" Class Entry-Level Package
Modular frame (STI, SV) match barrel with PipeComp, Ambi Safeties, Beavertail, Full Length Guide Rod, drilled and tapped for Scope Mount C-More sight.

Labor Only - Parts Extra. 50% deposit required on all work.


Compensator prices include installation on your gun. Price of barrel is not included. Comps are tapered cone style. Guide rod is included. Slide is shortened.

Full Contour, single port, carry comp 325.00
Round, Flat Bottom, "Eight + 2" (barrel port) 425.00


Install Bomar or Wichita adjustable rear sight.
   Standard installation 95.00
   Deluxe buried installation 125.00
Install front sight
   Swaged 25.00
   Silver solder 50.00
Install fixed rear sight 95.00
Dovetail front sight 45.00
Slide Work
Front cocking serrations; Colt 55.00
   Springfield, Colt Gold Cup 55.00
Mill flat on top of slide 50.00
Machine groves on flattened slide top 80.00
Serrate back of slide 40 lpi 45.00
Lower & flare ejection port 45.00
Port Slide and barrel 150.00
Fish scale front or rear of slide (per side) 85.00
Frame Work
Checker front strap
   20 lpi 175.00
   25 lpi 185.00
   30 lpi 195.00
Relieve under trigger guard for high grip, with checkering 50.00
Relieve under trigger guard for high grip, without checkering 65.00
Bevel magazine well (60 degrees) 45.00
Install Brown mag well 100.00
Install S&A mag well 35.00
Install beavertail grip safety 55.00
Tighten slide and frame 110.00
Install thumb safety 20.00
Install ambidextrous thumb safety 40.00
Install trigger- aluminum, long or short 20.00
Checker mainspring housing (flat) 50.00
Checker front or bottom of trigger guard 55.00
Install long ejector 15.00
Additional Gunsmithing
Action job on D/A semi-auto 135.00
Install, polish and turn extractor 25.00
Weld frame rails and fit to slide 135.00
Fit ramped barrel to slide & frame 135.00
Fit barrel to slide 70.00
Trigger job (3.5 to 4 lbs.) 1911-A1 85.00
Series 80 Colt's 95.00
Fit solid barrel bushing 25.00
Custom extended magazine release 50.00
Custom plating of complete pistol (plus shipping charges) 225.00
On aluminum frames add 75.00
Bead blast pistol before refinishing 30.00
Re-cut barrel throat & polish feed ramp 45.00
Polishing before refinishing CALL
Fish scale top of slide 125.00
Other fish scaling on a per item quote. 
Port revolver barrel 125.00
Action job
   Smooth and lighten D/A trigger pull (S&W, Ruger only) 90.00
Chamfer forcing cone 11 degrees 25.00
Chamfer cylinder charge holes 35.00
Baby Luger on your gun 1000.00
Includes grip and bead blast black oxide finish  
Other optional finishes are available  

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